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Michael Benedum Needs You!

Hello! I am Michael Late Benedum. Those who knew me would say that I am the City of Bridgeport's greatest benefactor and modern-day founder.

Some of my accomplishments include: Restoration and beautification of Bridgeport Cemeteries, Construction of the new Methodist Church, the Bridgeport Civic Center, and among other things, established the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation for the purpose of furthering higher education.

The problem is, most people who knew me as the Great Wildcatter, have passed on. The youth of our city may grow up never knowing about me, my accomplishments or the heritage I have left for them. I have done wonderous things to make Bridgeport an excellent place to live, work, worship and raise a family. My hope is to pass the knowledge of my legacy on to the next generation of citizens.

Now I am counting on you to help preserve my memory by making a donation or sponsoring a Festival event in my honor in the same philanthropic spirit that I have demonstrated in helping to make Bridgeport strong.

I am asking for your assistance to help keep the Bridgeport Benedum Festival vibrant and exciting. Besides drawing visitors from surrounding areas into our city to showcase it at its best, and providing food, fun, and family activities, you will help to demonstrate this philanthropic philosophy that the City of Bridgeport continues to promote.

If you're interested in sponsoring the Benedum Festival, contact John Belcastro at 304-842-3336 or email him at